HMU Health and Medical University GmbH
Villa Carlshagen

Olympischer Weg 1 

14471 Potsdam 

Team members


PhD Student

Henrike Tietz 



Dr. Dolma Choezom, PhD thesis
Dr. Karen Linnemannstöns, Postdoc   

Mona Honemann-Capito, TA

Dr. Pradhipa Karuna, PhD thesis 

Dr. Jan-Moritz Plum, MD thesis

Dr. Leonie Witte, PhD thesis

Alex Lagurin, Student helper 

Jeanette Kittel,  Bsc. thesis

Lena Nitsch, Bsc. thesis

Mila Höhne, Bsc. thesis

Croi Buckley, Bsc. thesis

Adi Danieli, Bsc. thesis
Chantal Schmidt,Bsc.thesis
Alex Herzberg, Bsc. thesis
Lara Steinmetz, Msc. thesis
Sabnam Parbin PhD, Postdoc
Robert Körner, Msc. thesis

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